we Design spaces that inspire and delight

MBarchi is an architectural agency leaded by Tangier-based architect ELMEHDI BARAKAT, with a wide range of experience, from design focused on the early stages of a project to years of experience in monitoring work on site. We believe that architecture is not just about creating buildings, but also about creating experiences, emotions and memories for the people who use them.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of architectural and urban planning services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.


Collective dwellings, intermediate or individual groups, specialized dwellings, and establishments receiving the public, hotels...

Urban planning

General studies and regulations, Objective contracts, Programming studies, Local urban planning, Concerted development zones

Design D'Interior

Home design, Home stylisme, Home staging, Conseils…

Latest Projects

Each project is a challenge, large or small, it is treated with the same enthusiasm and seriousness that the tradition of doing this job wants.


we Design spaces that inspire and delight

The agency has a team of diverse skills (two architects, two technicians, a decorator), capable of adapting to different situations with the possibility of calling on professionals in very specific areas of expertise if necessary. Multidisciplinary, this is how our team intends to manage the projects that pass through our agency with great concern to carry out each mission with rigor and professionalism.

How We work

At MBarchi, our approach to architectural and urban planning projects is grounded in a meticulous process that ensures every detail is thoughtfully considered and executed.



We believe that every great architectural endeavor begins with a strong concept. Our team delves deep into understanding your goals, aspirations, and unique requirements.



Armed with a solid concept, we embark on the design phase where creativity takes center stage. Drawing upon our expertise and innovative thinking.



With the designs in place, we shift our focus towards development and refinement. This phase involves fine-tuning every aspect of the project, from materials selection to spatial planning.


We knew Mr. El Mehdi BARAKAT as the architect responsible for the project, representing the OKA firm, during the period of completion of the major construction project for the Maroc Telecom headquarters (the 20-story tower in Hay, Riad - Rabat ). During this period, Mr. El Mehdi was a serious man, present and constantly listening to those involved for the smooth running of the site. We have fond memories of this collaboration and we recommend it.


During the construction of IAM's new headquarters, Mr Elmehdi demonstrated real professionalism and unfailing rigor. He has always been a reliable and responsible person, and he has demonstrated good listening skills.

ALI TAIF Civil Engineer, Project Manager (PMP)
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